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Without any exaggeration! Transferring files in encrypted form is the most secure method of data transmission available at the moment. In order to confirm this, we shall quote Philip Zimmermann (PGP developer; at the moment PGP is one of the most reliable encryption systems in the world):

"If we want to resist this unsettling trend in the government to outlaw cryptography, one measure we can apply is to use cryptography as much as we can now while it's still legal."

Philip R. Zimmermann

In any case, the transfer of files in encrypted form is safer than any other file transfer!
That is why we decided to create this app! Anyone who uses our application can transfer files in encrypted form.

File encryption

Any file can be encrypted with a key through PGPFiles app! This unique mobile application will allow you to get an encrypted file that you can securely transfer to anyone in any convenient way.

PGP keys

The application includes PGP key generator that will allow you to easily generate PGP keys; all you need to do is fill in the details in the form below. In addition, the application allows you to import existing PGP keys. This is an important feature that will enable you to decrypt the received file.

Ease of operation

In developing the application we immediately decided that it should work in one click. With our app, you can both encrypt and decrypt files in one click.

- The application includes a system, which automatically detects that the file is encrypted (PGP only).
- In addition, we achieved a substantial increase in the speed of file encryption/decryption (it takes a split second to encrypt a picture!!!)
- Any action occurs in a single click, which significantly simplifies the use of application!


There is a lot to tell about the different encryption systems currently available to encrypt files. However, in our view, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption is the most reliable solution for this!

PGPFiles pros

  • Ease of use.
  • Encryption/decryption of any files! You can easily encrypt both the ordinary .doc documents and pictures as well as the large PowerPoint presentations, .PDF, etc.
  • Easy file transfer: You transfer the files in the way convenient to you (DropBox, GoogleDisc, e-mail, whatever you like!)
  • No additional complicated settings.
  • High-speed encryption/decryption.
  • Fancy design.

Encryption of any files

PGP encryption

Generation of own PGP keys

PGP keys import


Ease of use

Fancy design

A unique app just from

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